Doug Rogahn Photography & DJ


Amp: Crown XTI-2000 -- 2000 watt amp for subwoofer
Speakers: 2 - QSC-K8, top-of-the-line speakers plus Peavey Black Widow 15" subwoofer, Built for Professional use, great sound and very durable. Each speaker can handle 1000 watts program power to rock your party.
Wireless Microphone:
Shure PGX4 SM58 Wireless: Professional grade wireless mic. for those speeches and announcements.
Numark C3 USB Professional Mixing Console:
We can mix in anything you may need from ceremony sound to wireless mic. for toasts and announcements to a personal iPod or computer recording you may have.


Slim Par 56 wash light / uplights: Wash lights to light the dance floor to the beat, or uplight the room in your choice of color.
Uplighting: light up the room, floor-to-celing, with your choice of color or highlight your centerpiece.
InnoPocketSpot moving head LED light. Featuring 7 colors plus white, 7 fixed GOBOs plus spot and separate color wheels, the Inno Pocket Spot will give pure lighting excitement with its fast moving beams and color changes.
Laser: Micro Galaxian red/green laser light show
1 - Mirror Ball (Disco Ball) with 2-spotlight and colored filters, we can do white, red, blue, green and amber color. A Classic light effect used for decades with beams of light swirling around the whole party hall.
Cables to hook sound from your computer (for Video Reflection or even from your own iPod for any personalized recordings you may have.)
Backup equipment cables etc... to keep the party going in case of any malfunction of equipment.