Doug Rogahn Photography & Video
Video Reflections

We transfer your photos/files along with your choice of music to create a beautiful video reflection of your lives. From childhood photos to your engagement we can tell your life story.

The Video Reflection is shown at your reception (usually after dinner, before the dance) and also put on your finished Wedding Video.

With a top of the line HD 1920x1080 video projector and a 8 foot by 6 foot screen, we show your photos, (60 included in price, $ 1.50 each additional photo) transferred to video, along with your choice of music, projected big and bright enough for all of your reception guests to see and hear.

With us, you will not have to worry about the technical details of your presentation, so you will be free to enjoy your reception more fully.

Video Reflections DVD and Presentation:
Price includes Transfer of 60 photos to video ($ 1.50 each additional photo), Transfer up to 3 songs, ($ 3.00 each additional song), Opening title, 3 name titles, and closing thank you title; placed on your Wedding Video and shown at reception with above equipment.

Video Reflections

From babies to engagement, 60 photos with music, effects and titles placed on DVD.
$ 200
Video Reflections shown at the reception with a top of the line, high-definition (1920x1080) video projector, 8 ft x 6 ft screen, 200 watt sound system.
$ 200

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